It’s easy to feel sometimes that despite being involved in a lot of different groups or business ventures, you don’t want to shout out about it. Perhaps it’s awkwardness or embarrassment – you don’t want praise for these “extra” activities you do outside of your own business.  It’s certainly something about business that I felt/feel uneasy about – if someone asks me what I do, I generally just default on “I run a website design and digital marketing business in mid Wales.” But it can be useful for others in the community to know what your strengths are, what you’re involved in, where your passions and interests lie – great for building a really strong network.

So, when I came across the #ialso campaign on Twitter, it really resonated with me. I am involved in a fair few other ventures and groups, but listing these off in a general networking scenario is for me quite frankly, awkward. What’s the #ialso campaign I hear you ask?

#ialso is an idea born from a breakfast meeting that f:entrepreneur hosted on International Women’s Day 2018. Here’s how f:entrepreneur describe how it came about:

The meeting was for 25 incredible people working in the world of empowering female entrepreneurs. When going around the table introducing, the words that were heard the most were I ALSO. This was no round robin, run of the mill CVs, this was a table of incredible experience, courage, hard work and innovation and it made us think – is this a growing trend? Are we moving from the single job portfolio career to a world where it is ok to do many things, often interconnecting, at the same time across our work and personal spectrum – and be passionate about them all? We think it is something to be celebrated so the #ialso campaign was created.

And so, the  f:Entrepreneur #ialso Top 100 was launched! Celebrating and showcasing the top 100 #ialso stories of female entrepreneurs across the UK… If you check the list out, you’ll see my name under K 🙂

See the Top 100 list for 2019!