One of our big aims this year is to make sure we really utilise Instragram Reels, and probably TikTok to reach a new audience, and help educate the audience we already have with some fun content.

With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to share a blog with some of our Reels top tips!

  1. Have fun – we always say this about social media, however do bear in mind that you want your Reels content to be useful to your audience. What useful is, you decide – because one thing about social media is the great opportunity it provides to show your personality and let people really get to know you. So, there is a fine balance between having fun and providing useful content to you audience.
  2. Lighting – having good lighting is important for a Reel. You want that instant 1-2 seconds (when someone decides whether to scroll or not) to make an impact!
  3. Trending audio – do hop on the trends, but, know that everyone else is too. A tip would be, if you spot a trending audio and it hasn’t got many Reels yet, do it! If it’s got over 50k or something similar, consider it a bit more, because you will be competing with a lot more people on that audio!
  4. Keep your camera still – try not to move the camera around too much if you are standing or sitting down, it can be very distracting.
  5. Look at the camera – figure out where your camera is on the phone (usually at the top) and look at that when you do a Reel, NOT at your screen! This is a great way to connect with your audience, with some eye contact.

There’s lots more to help you with of course, but we’ll post again in another blog – or, keep an eye on our socials too!