The Green Growth Pledge has been put in place to help Welsh businesses take pro-active steps towards improving their sustainability, demonstrating their positive impact on the people and places around them, as well as creating a community of forward-thinking organisations who want to actively help Wales transition into a low carbon future. At Gwe Cambrian Web we have now decided to take up the green growth pledge as we grow, in order to decarbonise, become more efficient and to work towards a greener future for everyone in Wales.

So, what commitments are we making to ensure a greener future for the company?

  • We will review our waste practices to reduce environmental impact and remove waste in a responsible way! E.g., electronic equipment.
  • We will recycle in a responsible way and review environmentally friendly practices, e.g., striving towards a paperless office.
  • Well-being of our staff & local community are important to us – we will review further actions to strengthen our commitment.
  • We will use the Green Growth Pledge in our marketing and branding to promote our sustainable business practices.
  • We have moved all of our websites to a green hosting company.

What is Green Hosting?

As one of our commitments, we at Gwe Cambrian Web believe it’s important to let you know that last month, we moved all of our websites to a green hosting company. But what is green hosting exactly?

Green hosting is a web hosting service that prioritises clean energy and energy efficiency to reduce the impact of data centres on the environment. They have also typically made a green pledge of their own too, from having data centres that are powered by 100% renewable energy (like ours!), from making an effort to repurpose or dismantle retired servers and IT equipment.

Green hosting is vital in our part to help Wales hit net-zero, and for us at Gwe Cambrian Web to do something about climate change. So, the next time you build a website or choose to host with us, you can do so knowing that you’re making a positive, proactive choice to reduce your carbon footprint and take better care of the environment!

Waste and Recycling

Another one of our commitments at Gwe Cambrian Web is our effort to be more responsible with our waste, from repurposing and responsibly recycling electrical goods used in the office, to striving to be paperless in the coming years to lessen our impact on waste going out into the environment. Many of our digital items used in the office are already refurbished, a healthier option when it comes to purchasing new electrical goods for the office. Rather than going brand new, repurposing items that are no longer wanted saves them from landfill or going to waste!

Well-Being of Staff and the Community

By our very nature, Gwe Cambrian Web cares deeply for the local community here in Aberystwyth and beyond – from supporting local businesses to help them to create affordable websites and marketing tools, to promoting the local area! We will continue to do this as the basis of our company’s ethos.

Our staff’s wellbeing is also vital to us – they ARE Cambrian Web, and ensuring a positive working space to help them grow is vital to our business’ success! By implementing flexible working to allow them a positive work/life balance, to training and support, we want to ensure that Gwe Cambrian Web is a positive environment to work and grow in.

Green Growth Branding

To further the message behind the Green Growth Pledge, Gwe Cambrian Web will use our branding and making you aware of our good practices wherever possible to ensure we are helping to bring awareness to climate change, everyone’s effect on the environment, and what we can all do to help Wales transition to a low carbon future to ensure a healthy