We’ve always been a very open bunch here at Gwe Cambrian Web, so we’ve listed some questions and considerations you should think about when choosing your next website designer.

Do they have a portfolio?

Many website designers will showcase a portfolio of their work or recent work on their website. It’s always worth taking a look to see if they’ve done any projects similar to yours (for experience) as well as checking out the diversity of work and styles. If a company hasn’t got a portfolio up or it hasn’t been updated in a while, just ask them! They’ve probably got a good reason for not showcasing their clients.

How well do they work with mobile responsiveness?

Always worth asking, because we still see websites being launched that aren’t mobile responsive (shocking, we know!). So make sure your new website designer can work with responsiveness.

What is the design process?

It’s good to get this clear from the off, and also everyone works in a different way too! It might be that one company expects all of the content from you before they start, or another will work on some design concepts first. You can see our process here, but it’s quite flexible as we work closely with all of our clients all of the time.

Can they provide references?

This website is going to represent your business and you for a couple of years at least. So, there’s nothing wrong in looking at references, reviews or even asking for them from your potential designers. They’ve nothing to hide!

Is their pricing clear?

Again, if the prices aren’t on a website – just ask, but make sure the answer is clear. We always quote with information on what this includes, the price of the website, the price of hosting, domain names etc and make sure it’s all clear. Avoid (or question) those who provide “general” idea of price, or try and pin down the amount of hours per quote. You really want a quote that is just a one off design-to-live without a limit of hours or revisions.

Finally, can the designer work with you in the future?

This is also one to check, because some designers literally do just that. Design and publish, rather than having any resources to work with you in the future.


Just remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions if the information can’t be found. At the end of the day the website represents you, so don’t be coy!