I was pretty excited with this news this morning that retweets on Twitter are getting an update. Finally, rather than just the good old boring retweet or *wait for it*, retweeting with a comment and a couple of emojis – you can now retweet with all of Twitter’s posting features! Yep, you can retweet with a GIF or a picture/video as well as text and emojis. Twitter says that this will enable users to retweet and explain their feelings when words just simply won’t do. We agree!

Retweeting is a vital part of using Twitter, you can share tweets from those you follow to your followers, helping spread important messages or lessons, or pictures of food (always popular). So what does this little update mean? We’ll see a huge increase in media based tweets in our timelines, we expect, with many people probably opting to RT with GIFs in the future. This is a far cry from what Twitter set out to do when they first launched the platform, trying to replace texts in an texting-type platform. What we’ll see now is a media rich, interactive, varied platform which should also increase engagement and potentially see a surge in users (of the younger audience perhaps?). We also expect to see users on Twitter for longer, and perhaps a boost in paid for ads.

It’s great to see Twitter listening to its users, and to keep up to date with their latest news and changes, follow their Support profile.

How about one other *small change* though Twitter peeps?