We were really chuffed to be able to sponsor the Circus Starr on their recent Wrexham stop at the end of September 2018. But what or who are Circus Starr? You can find out more by visiting their website here, but in short they are an amazing touring circus (with world class performers and artists) which provides free seats for thousands of disadvantaged, disabled or vulnerable children – as well as raising money for local charitities along the way!

The circus was founded back in 1987 and is a not-for-profit organisation that helps local businesses and local children’s charities. Over the past 12 years they have raised over £900,000 of additional funds for charity, as well as working with a range of children’s hospices, foster homes, SEN schools and more.

So when the call came in to sponsor, we simply couldn’t say no. Sponsoring gives us the opportunity to put something back into the community, and we hope that by sponsoring this show and another to come to Llandudno in 2019 that we can help with the great work that Circus Starr do.

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