The fast paced Twitter can seem like a different world to Facebook or Instagram, but it’s still important if you run a business, and are looking for platforms to expand your reach on.

When it comes to Twitter, well, we’d be the first to admit that it won’t suit every type of business. Depending on your type of business, you could be either on Facebook OR Twitter, rather than both. One thing for sure is though, don’t duplicate your content on the same day if you are on both profiles (in face, that nugget of advice will be valid for all of your social media activities).

So, where is Twitter different?

1. A “post”, called a Tweet, can only be a maximum of 280 character. You can however “link” Tweets, thus creating what I like to call a thought process. It works well when telling a story, but only because you have to style each Tweet rather well so you can’t waffle.

2. Twitter works with the #hashtags far better than Facebook does. I’d only use 2-3 per tweet, but it is how people search for particular terms, and also how Twitter produces it’s “latest trending” list.

3.  As mentioned above, it’s fast paced. They reckon a Tweet will only really last around 18 minutes before it’s old content in your timeline, so it is a time-consuming profile to be on. That being said, it also leaves open a lot of opportunity for conversation, sharing content, call to actions, retweeting those you follow – without annoying your own followers. I recommend popping on and spending around 10-15 minutes on Twitter around 2 or 3 times a day, if you want a good, strong presence on there.

4. A lot of people tend to turn to Twitter to complain or contact companies, so if you’re running a service based business, or hospitality, Twitter is a good option for you to be present on.

5. As with Facebook, there are some good options on Twitter to create a great, varied timeline. This includes using video, adding GIFs, going live, polls and more. Utilise what it has to offer!

This is just skimming the top of how Twitter can work for you as a business, if you’ve already been dabbling but need to extra help or advice, then get in touch. We offer a range of training and management packages to suit all needs and requirements.