We’ve taken a look at the world wide web to gather some of the 2021 website trends (we can hardly believe 2020 is already almost over, it seems to have flown by somehow!?). What’s popping out then? Well, here’s our top list from what we found online, and I must say, it looks very exciting! We’ve created websites with all of these trends, so we’re glad to see them now really gaining momentum. The main message? BIG.


This has been used quite a lot on websites over the years, but it’s really gaining steam and popularity now. Where before it might have been an understated area on a homepage, parallex looks to be getting a bit more notice as we head into 2021.

Non Traditional Scrolling

Non traditional scrolling – no more scrolling up or down, how about across? In fact, Next did this a while ago on their catalogue website, but it’s becoming more and more popular.

I’m also going to add in “non traditional menus” as well, as we start seeing a lot more mobile menus rather than the traditional horizontal menu at the top of a page.

Gradient Colours

I was actually a bit surprised to see this on a few websites for 2021 trends, but having spoken to a trusted graphic designer, gradient colours are in!

Embedded Videos

Video video video. We all bang on about it in the digital marketing world, especially for use on social media, but have you considered embedding a video onto your website? Perhaps as the landing section when a visitor lands on your website? Perhaps at the top of a blog or article so customers don’t need to read it all. A picture speaks a thousand words, so how much can a video?

Scroll Triggered Animations

Now this one we love, and we’ve got it on a few recently designed websites. Ever noticed as you scroll down a website how sections appear or lines are drawn? This makes the website a lot more interactive, interesting and engaging. Expect to see a lot more of this in 2021.

Depth and Dimensions

Although simplicity is also popular for 2021, depth and dimensions is also topping the lists. Say hello to dropshadows, more 3D looks to add that bit of interest to the designs.

Abstract Shapes and Movement

Lots of blobs, and movement – we’ve seen this a lot on websites across 2020, and it’s also tipped to be on trend for 2021. Well, we say blobs, any abstract shape really. Divi in fact seem to love this!

Big Footers

Actually already a fan of big footers here (well, have you seen ours), this is tipped to be another trend for 2021 – gone are the days of small footers and hello big, interesting, information filled footers. As we’ve always said, it’s the last place to clinch your visitors and direct them onwards into your website, so it makes sense to put some effort in here.