I have two or three favourite sayings, and “be the guru” is one of them (the other two, if you are interested are “be more you” and “just do it”!). I remember coming across this term a few years ago on the internet while I was temping in a letting agents (this is a while back!). I was doing some research on how to sell a property based on its description – moving away from the boring narrative, and trying to bring something more interesting to the table. I stumbled across an article that in a nutshell said the best way to market your business is to be the guru in your field – even if you’re not.

So, since that day and epiphany,  I often reuse these three words, somehow they’ve really sunk a lesson in and given me a good level of confidence when it comes to working in a range of different fields.

Because of the nature of digital marketing, we do work with a lot of different businesses. On the books as I write this we have a driving school, letting agency, property development company, electrical contractors, co-working space and of course our own projects too. So it’s in my interest at all times to “be the guru”, scrub up on the latest and general news and information I need that means I can do my job properly.

Being the guru means really showing off your knowledge, and showing potential customers that you do know your stuff. They should come to you because you know what you’re on about, you know about latest laws or regulations and you’re passionate. We have to make sure that we behave like this on behalf of our clients – not in a cocky way, but in a quietly confident manner that means when visitors are checking out the leting agency blog or social media, it comes across professional, transparent and informative.

I certainly don’t want us to be skating on ice at anytime, and keeping this mantra in mind is a huge help.