If you run a Facebook page, you may have seen the new notification at the top letting you know that the grey badges (which verified your business as real) will soon be going!

Apparently, Facebook has decided after feedback from the masses, that having two ticks (blue and gray) is confusing. The blue ones will remain – these are ticks for brands, public figures or celebrities (rather than your standard business).

So – don’t panic when the tick vanishes.

Next change… to the page insights.

Matt Navarra tweeted yesterday about some interesting changes to Facebook insights for business pages too. Here’s the quote from his tweet:

Facebook is changing how it calculates organic impressions meaning it will likely show a decline.

In a nutshell, they’re making changes to the way their algorithm calculates organic page impressions, to be more inline with the advert insights too. So while your numbers might drop, they’ll actually be a lot more correct – no duplicate insights from organic page impressions and advert impressions.