Getting to Know Your Facebook Page Essentials

Starting a Facebook page can be daunting, and while we’ve taken you through how to create, we quickly realised we’d need a whole new blog to cover some of the Facebook page essentials.

The Top of your Facebook Page

The first thing you’ll notice on any Facebook page, is the top section which is home to a range of variables such as your cover photo, profile photo, page name, page category and more. Let’s go through them one by one:

The Cover Photo:

This covers the whole of the top section, (851pixels wide by 315pixels high). This doesn’t show on mobile phones, only on tablets, laptops or desktop monitors. It is a great way to advertise your business however you like, for example a cake shop may have a photo of some scrumptious cakes that they sell. You are allowed text in your cover photo, although as a general rule nothing over around 20 to 30% of the whole cover photo space. If you are going to add text/logo, we recommend you save your file as a PNG rather than a JPEG, as a JPEG will lose quality during the upload process and look a little scruffy.

Your Profile Picture:

This is the square image that shows up at the top of the page, and is also the image that will show on the left hand side of any post you will make from your page. The profile picture is always square, and displays at 160pixels by 160pixels, although Facebook recommends you upload at a large size, at least 180pixels by 180pixels.

We see so many logos that don’t fit in the profile box – usually because they are rectangular so they don’t quite fit in properly. Spend the time to make the width of the logo fit the box so that is does display as a square – we had to as well!

Facebook has a great resource of help pages, and for profile/cover photo information we would highly recommend this page of theirs: What are the Dimensions of my Page’s profile picture and cover photo?

Verification Tick/Badge

You’ll notice on the image below we have a grey tick/badge right next to our page name: this means that our page has been verified and generally will show up a little above those who aren’t during Facebook searches. It also instills brand trust and loyalty, visitors to your page know you are an authentic business. We have a blog post on how to get your page verified by Facebook.

Call to Action Button

This is a very important button and sits next door to your LIKED/LIKE button. If not set up, it won’t show at all when someone is viewing your page, but if you do set it up you’ll have another chance at getting those visitors to your destination and hopefully become a conversion for your business. There are a fair few options for the call to action button that Facebook offer, including Contact Us, Call Us, Book Now, Shop Now and Watch Video. The great thing about the call to action buttons, and what makes it a Facebook page essential is that your Facebook insights can track the button and tell you how many clicks it received.

Your Category / Sub Category

During your page set up, you were required to select a category for your business. You can now go in and edit your about, and add sub-categories as well! We have two sub-categories, which are “Web design” and “Web Development”. To edit, you will need to select About on the Facebook tabs, and then Page Info.

Facebook Tabs

These tabs sit under the cover photo, and will always contact Timeline and About. The other two tabs are optional to your business – we have linked our to Google+ and Reviews, as we felt this was important for us. There are however plenty of tab options provided to you by Facebook including Notes, Videos, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Facebook page essentials that you need to know

The most important sections on the top of your Facebook page

The About Section

Your Full Address

A definite Facebook page essentials is making sure your business address is accepted correctly by Facebook and produces a little map. This map will then show on your main Page, and also in the About section. It also localises your business – Facebook will recognise that your address is authentic and then use this in searches. Another bonus is with a location Facebook recognises, it will create you a Facebook Place – which off a mobile device visitors can check into when updating their status.

Contact Details

If you have a page set up on Facebook you will probably want your visitors to be able to contact you. Make sure you add here a phone number and email address for visitors to do just that.

The Page Info Section

This one is much easier to explain as we would recommend you fill in as much of this as possible!


Adding milestones onto your Facebook page is great – it can be used to add special events, birthdays, awards, targets reached and much more besides. The joy of this section is that it is your time to shine as a business, but also show some personality as well. I mean, who isn’t happy to reach their first 100 likes?

What Next?

Facebook is constantly evolving and improving, so make sure you revisit your settings and about section often incase there is something new there or some new options that weren’t available to you before. So, something to also make very clear is that this blog does not describe the only Facebook page essentials, it describes what we view of them as of the start of 2016 – but remember to check back as we’ll try and keep this as up to date as possible while Facebook continues to change.

Any questions? Get in touch with us via Facebook or by email.