Facebook Page Verification

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Some you keen eyed Facebook users may have spotted a rise in the amount of “ticks” we see next door to Page names? Facebook calls these verification badges, and can be given to a business who has basically proven that they are authentic.

Advantage of Facebook page verification? You will show up higher on the Facebook search results than pages that aren’t verified.

So How Do I Do It?

In order to get verified, you first need to select Settings on the top right of your Facebook page. Hopefully you’ll recognise this section following on from our Facebook Page Essentials blog. Select the General tab, and you should see Page Verification as the third option down. Now – not EVERY page is able to be verified, and from the research we have done online, not all countries are open to verification yet but also not all categories are able to either. You can change your categories remember, but they still need to be relevant to your business – however, if your Page has been set up for a while, you might just find a closer category to describe your business and one which allows Facebook Page verification.

For verification, Facebook will call the number registered on your Page, and provide you with a 4 digit code that it will then ask you to input online. If cleared, this will verify instantly.

Facebook page verification how to


Hope you enjoyed this handy blog – as ever, any questions just get in touch with us on Facebook or by email.