Branding is super important for your online presence. It’s not just about first impressions either, but the strength of your brand online will increase trust and loyalty as time goes on.

What’s in a brand?

I’ve certainly written about this a lot before, but it’s just THAT important. What makes a strong brand?

1. A good font – fonts are very emotive, so you should take great care when picking a font to represent your business. If you’re a crafter, you might want something that has more of a “handmade” feel to it, rather than a font that is too harsh or block-like.

2. A recognisable logo – one that isn’t replicated elsewhere on the web (so stay away from getting a logo created off Vistaprint). The logo needs to be all about you and your business. It doesn’t necessarily need to say what it is you do, but it should reflect your business or business name in some way or another.

3. Strong colours – I don’t mean strong as in vibrant colours, but strong as in colours that work well with your logo and your font to create a solid brand. There could be just two colours, or you could like us have a palette of 5.

With the three above points you will have a good brand to work with.

What you do next is really important

1. Use your logo and brand everywhere. If you’re creating a snappy Canva ad, make sure the fonts and colours follow through. My top tip would be to plan ahead, and get yourself a nice template that you feel works for you, so that your Canva/posts have a similar, recognisable style. If you jump around too much, your brand will lose its strength.

2. Always incorporate your colours and fonts in everything you do.

3. Branding extends further than colours, fonts and a logo. You also need to think about your brand language, and make this consistent in everything you do. Are you funky and down with the kids? Or are you entirely professional at all times?

Working with a strong brand is hard if you don’t have a professional logo or brand guidelines. If you take away anything from this post today, it would be invest in this if you haven’t already. Once you have a brand to work with, everything else will come much easier.