We recently launched a new legal website for the Children’s Legal Centre Wales! The website, which provides accessible information for children and young people about the law in Wales, marks the first time there has been a dedicated online resource specifically designed for children and young people allowing them to find out more about the law in Wales and how it affects them.

Designed to be accessible for children and young people in Wales, it concentrates on 10 main areas of everyday life that were identified by the Children’s Legal Centre Wales as most relevant to young people. It includes information about the law and how it affects children at home, at school, in their relationships and if they get into trouble with the police. The website also covers things like being online, on the street and health and wellbeing.

Hannah Bussicott, the manager of the Children’s Legal Centre Wales said:

“Gwe Cambrian web have been great to work with. They took time to understand what our project was about, and worked hard with our team, to make our vision a reality. Their ‘bilingual as standard’ approach to website design was exactly what we needed, too. We are delighted with the result and feel that the new website is a great platform for the Children’s Legal Centre Wales to build on as we develop!”

Many children in Wales are affected by the law in a wide range of situations – when their parents split up, if they are taken into care, if they are a victim of discrimination or crime or if they themselves get into trouble. Lots of those children and young people are unclear about their rights- or if they have any rights at all. Based at the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of law at Swansea University, the Children’s Legal Centre Wales aims to provide this important information to children and young people across Wales, whatever their circumstances. The website is a big step forward in helping children and young people in Wales get access to justice and realise their rights.

The new website is at www.childrenslegalcentre.wales