We talk a lot about branding, but perhaps it’s not clear what branding covers, and where your logo lies in that. Your logo is just a part of your brand (an important part, but just a part none the less), and so to get a good strong brand there are many other aspects to consider.

What is branding?

We cover this in a lot of detail in our other blogs, and you might also have seen a recent post in the Aberystwyth EGO about the Importance of Branding. In brief, your branding will cover the colour scheme of the business, the fonts you use in marketing, the style of marketing (for example, how you may lay out your letters, fliers, business cards), your logo and your social media content. There should be a clear, strong link between everything you do both online and offline, so that customers can clearly see it’s part of your business.

So your logo sits as part of your branding, it isn’t your brand by itself, and certainly if you just have a logo, you can’t assume that you have a brand.

What’s a logo?

Your logo isan image or icon that is used to represent your business (or product, or brand). They’re everywhere, but behind every logo you can think of off the top of your head is a good strong brand.