In a world where social media is high on the priority list, many small businesses or organisations forget about the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO). So, we wanted to provide a short blog post with some stunning SEO facts, that will make you re-evaluate the importance of working on the SEO of your website.

Fact 1: 75% of users never go past the first page of a search. That’s quite a scary statistic, if you’re not on the first page of the search results.

Fact 2: Search engines drives 300% (yes, 300%) more traffic as compared to social media. That doesn’t mean to say drop social media and move onto SEO though, it’s just a fact…

Fact 3: 87% of smartphone users perform a search on a search engine at least once a day, not surprising with search applications being made so easily available on smartphones.

Fact 4: 70 to 80% of users ignore paid ads and go straight to the organic results.

Fact 5: 81% of buyers perform an online search before a large purchase.

We said it was short, but those 5 facts are astounding. Need a hand with your SEO? Contact us today.