We hear it over and over – “what can I post on social media?”

Some might find creating content for social media channels quite easy, others may struggle. We’ve come up with some quick fire ideas, as well as some tips and advice.

Quick Fire Ideas

  1. Introduce yourself/your team especially with photos. These kind of posts do really well on social media for engagement, as well as ticking the box when it comes to giving your brand a personality online!
  2. In the same photo shoot, you could take a picture of your workspace and share that too – always encourage others to post pictures of theirs, to help that reach and engagement!
  3. Sharing quotes, be they funny, motivational or inspiring always do well on social media. We’d recommend using an app like Canva to create your own beautiful quote images to share, that are in line with your brand. Just remember to always credit the person who said the quote!
  4. Every business will have questions to answer, so why not answer them on social media? It could be something as standard as how quick your dispatch time is, or something more personal like what’s your favourite lunch item?
  5. Fill in the blank is a great format for getting increased engagement, and the questions you can ask are fairly endless too, so it’s something you can incorporate into social media calendar on a more regular basis. Some ideas might be “if I could go anywhere right now, I would go to….” or “the one word that best describes my work day today is…”. This great blog on Post Planner has some fabulous ideas and tips for these fill in the blank type posts.
  6. Share reviews and testimonials – often people will leave their thoughts on your Facebook recommended section or Google reviews. There’s nothing wrong in sharing this content on your own social media pages.
  7. Share blog posts – there’s little point posting a blog and not sharing it to the wider world on social media. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website too.
  8. Attend any events that aren’t strictly business related, but community based? Tell us about them! We know that businesses aren’t just working 24/7, and we like to see what else you’re up to or a part of.
  9. Take advantage of the pre built post ideas on Facebook, especially polls.
  10. Ask questions – make them easy for your followers to fire back at straight away.
  11. Share content from others in your field – don’t go overboard but it’s a great way to weave a network in your field of work and create some fabulous relationships.
  12. Share product photos – an all important type of post, especially for those in the craft industry. You could take photos during the process too, get the customers involved.
  13. Post infographics – an ever popular format, you can either find infographics online (Daily Infographic is a great source) or even have a go at making your own.
  14. It isn’t all business – you can share images of your local area, or funny memes perhaps. Just make sure to always think about how it makes your business look and will it appeal to your customers or not.
  15. Share your about/story – yes it might be on the website, and yes perhaps you opened your social media platform 4 years ago with this post, but share it again.
  16. Reshare, as above, it might have been a year or so since you last posted about a specific blog you wrote. Chances are many of your followers missed this, so share it again!
  17. Check out the monthly hashtags for inspiration. There are also weekly ones which might easily fit into your brand, such as #TBT (Throwback Thursday), where you post old images/memories/posts.
  18. Talking about monthly hashtags, also remember the changing seasons. This is a great way to herald in a new season, perhaps posting images of products that are Christmas based, or items of clothing for the summer season?
  19. Found a useful blog or resource online? Share it with your followers!
  20. A day in the life post – give us a recap of your typical day. Perhaps you’ve been out at an event all day, somewhere new? Let us know!
  21. Do live videos – cringe! Yes, but they do very very well on social media. It could be of a new product being unveiled, a simple introduction to you, or perhaps you want to tell us a little about your business.
  22. “Caption this” is a great way to encourage easy engagement, simply upload a photo of your choice (or video, gif), and ask for a caption!
  23. Shout out to other local businesses! Perhaps you think you don’t use other local businesses, but where did you get that coffee from? Or the cup cake or panini this morning? Post a pic, give a shout out!
  24. Celebrate a milestone – perhaps it’s a staff birthday, or a particular milestone for the business? Get the cakes in, and celebrate on social media.
  25. Thank you customers – either in bulk, as a general post or perhaps tag a particular customer and thank them for their order. Just make sure you have their permission first.

No matter what platform, use images, videos, infographics, charts…!

This is a great way to engage your followers, and if you think about it, you need something that will really stand out on the endless scroll that your followers are undertaking on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The post needs to have a great impact straight away, it needs to stop that thumb from moving up the screen any further.

Always remember that the purpose of social media isn’t only to advertise your brand/business, but to show your potential customers that you are real. So, remember those more personal posts like your workspace, the team, your favourite cake.