The festive season is officially here, and you may be beginning to panic – how are you going to convince people to shop local yet again, how are you going to advertise yourself? But in fact, for small Welsh businesses, it’s a golden opportunity to connect with your audience, show off your rich Welsh heritage, and boost sales in the process!

So don’t shy away from Christmas, rather, embrace it! And here’s how!

Festive Social Media Trends for 2023 – What to Expect!

Digital Festive Makeover

If you’re not showing off how Christmassy you feel, how do you expect your customers to? Have a blast and ensure that your online presence is truly in with the Christmas spirit! Social media, website and, if you have a physical storefront, ensure you put the decoration out as early as is acceptably possible! Why not have a photoshoot day and take some great festive photos of your products too?

Local Heritage

People want to support local businesses now more than ever! After covid, many more are seeing the importance of supporting their highstreets, which is great for small businesses. Capitalise on this by highlighting your locality – even more so if you’re Welsh! Create Welsh themed Christmas products, ensure you remind people that you’re Welsh, and the cultural implications behind that!


Nowadays the public are far more eco-conscious, and local businesses can lead by showcasing sustainable practices, especially those that involve local sourcing or traditional methods. Are you a local food producer? State the importance of how your food is produced only a few miles away, and how you KNOW what it’s made out of.

Festive Hashtags

A simple yet effective strategy, using festive hashtags can really help your online visibility and allow you to join the broader festive conversation! Don’t forget to add them on any post talking about Christmas and remember those Welsh hashtags too – #NadoligLlawen!

Seasonal Offers

Entice local customers with special festive deals. Why not band products together that are similar? Or make Christmas hampers and gift boxes to make shopping easier for your customers? Highlight how its cheaper and easier to buy your products this way too!

Interactive Content

Engage the community with content like polls, quizzes, or challenges centred around festive themes or Welsh traditions. Why not do an interactive advent calendar where there’s an offer behind each door? Not only will it make your customers seem involved, but again, offers can entice them to buy!

Holiday Giveaways

On the note of advent calendars, why not offer a giveaway alongside them? Why not make notable days towards Christmas giveaway days?

Support a Cause

Partner with a local charitable cause – there are many ways you can do this in a festive way! Why not try a reverse gift hamper and have staff donate to a food bank pile, then, just before Christmas, go and deliver it? Or why not donate your own products to a cause if you’re able.

How to Cope with the Festive Season as a Small, Local Business and Take Advantage of It

Inventory Management

Stay prepared by ensuring you’re well-stocked, especially for best-sellers. Not doing so could cause you to miss out on selling opportunities.

Extended Hours

Cater to the festive rush by considering extended business hours during peak shopping days. Why not join in on local late-night openings? Not only will it mean you can take advantage of different footfall, such as working people who are only able to shop outside normal hours, but it gives you an opportunity to take advantage of all the twinkling lights in your hopefully amazing shop window!

Local Collaborations

Forge partnerships with nearby businesses for joint promotions or festive events, maximising visibility, and reach. Is there a local Christmas market in your area? Join in! Do your businesses sell similar things? Why not make a limited-edition Christmas item together!

Gift Wrapping

Enhance the shopping experience with this thoughtful gesture, especially during the gift-giving season. Why not offer gift wrapping services with your branding in mind?

Creating a Standout Festive Marketing Strategy

Start Early

Begin preparations in advance, ensuring plenty of time for strategy refinement, content creation, and collaboration. Really, you should have already started! Sketch up your window display, plan out your stock, start dropping Christmas hints on social media!

Harness Social Media

Utilise platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to their fullest, showcasing festive offerings and engaging with the audience. Do festive campaigns, digital giveaways, or calendars, and show off your stock in all its festive glory!

Email Marketing

Personalised festive newsletters can serve as gentle reminders, enticing customers to shop. Bring attention to seasonal offers, showcase local stock, or have a “product of the week” and showcase its locality, and its Welshness!

Unique Campaigns

Set the bar high with buzzworthy campaigns that leave a lasting impression. There’s a reason John Lewis works, and whilst you may not have its budget, sit and consider as to why they do well – tap into the ethos behind Christmas, and how your products can cater to that ethos.

The festive season presents a unique opportunity for small Welsh businesses to shine and create memorable experiences for their customers. With a thoughtful approach and the right strategies, you can navigate the festive rush and truly stand out! Nadolig Llawen!