If you didn’t manage to catch our article in the October edition of the Aberystwyth EGO, don’t panic! We looked at content ideas for social media:

It can sometimes feel like a bit of a struggle coming up with content ideas for your social media, so this month, I wanted to focus on some ideas to help keep your social media fresh and active.

Top Tip: Always use the post options as much as possible, it’s a great way to ensure variety. For example on Facebook you can create a poll, use emojis & emotions, go live and add a slideshow/video.

Remember to share your blog and news posts, and it’s perfectly fine to reshare them every few months too – just not too often. It’s also a good idea to share industry news, keeping your followers up to date with what’s going on in your field and showing your up to date with the latest. Another nice angle on this is sharing top tips, show off your knowledge and helping others!

Competitions and giveaways are great too, but be sure to look up the rules on the platform first.

My new personal favourite is “tag a friend content”. For example, this works by uploading a picture/video, let’s say of an amazing dessert, and asking “who would you share this with?”. Increased engagement and reach!

If you’re comfortable doing videos, great! You could do videos to show off your location, behind the scenes, “how to” videos… Plenty of options, and social media LOVES videos.

Join in the trends. This could be whatever is trending on the day, but also those more regular ones like #ThrowbackThursday. This is such a popular trend online, and it’s a great way to share some more historic posts. They could be of successes you had a few years ago, or a post you shared on this day back in 2016. The options are endless, really.

Remember, being on social media means being social. You could host an “ask me anything” style event, which would really let people in on the business and understand what you’re about.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas. My final top tip would be to have a piece of paper or a notebook nearby in the office, and when you get an idea write it down! That way, when you’re on social media posting, you’ll have a host of great ideas ready to go!