I was scrolling on Facebook this morning, and a friend had helpfully tagged one of their friends in a post offering 3 day digital workshops. The reply was “I don’t need a website” – fair enough I thought, but have you really thought about that?

Of course many small businesses will think that they don’t need a website and in some cases perhaps they are right, but here’s the opinion in the office:-

  1. If you don’t “need” a website, then you have to be online in some form – make sure you have a Google+ page and get on the Google map at the very least. Make sure you’re active on social media and then people have some chance of finding you.
  2. Do you not “need” a website because the cost or investment will be too high? One of the reasons we started Cambrian Web was to offer cost effective website design, often cheaper than actually purchasing a newspaper advert on a monthly basis.
  3. Have you thought about how people find businesses these days? How often do you see a Yellow Pages in a household now? People are automatically searching Google (or asking on social media) to find services they require, or asking their phones/home devices. If you’re not there with a website, how will they find you?
  4. Websites don’t have to be big projects or expensive. You can have a one page poster website for a lower cost than a full website, or you can even build your own website – there are loads of options online for this, many of which are cheap (aside from the time you put in).
  5. Your competition probably has a website, so they’re being discovered by your potential customers. Think of a website as a shop window that’s open 24/7.