I recently wrote a blog about whether or not you should be blogging, as a business or sole trader, and the answer is yes. So, what can you blog about?

The world is literally your oyster.

Firstly, tweak your thinking about what a blog is – so many of our clients think that blogging means writing English A-Level essays relevant to your business topic, but that really isn’t the case. Nor do blogs have to be simply about your business services, for example, let’s say you run an embroidery company – you don’t need to be writing just about the services you offer (polo shirt embroidery, branding aprons…!). There’s so much more you can write about.

Read our blog linked above, because this might also help you tweak your opinion on them – it’s about showing business personality, that pazzazz that will help boost your against your competitors and showing your potential clients that you know what you’re on about!

Blogs don’t need to be long – we always recommend for SEO purposes that a page has 500-900 words, but remember, quality content. So for a blog, think 300-500 words, add an image too and remember if it is related to any services you offer, pop a call to action at the bottom (get in touch now or order today for example, with a link to the relevant page). Of course longer blogs aren’t a problem, but don’t stress out about reaching a word limit.

So here are some quick fire ideas that we have to help you blog:

  • What you’re getting up to – so if you’re out and about, having a take away coffee from the local coffee shop, munching cake to celebrate a birthday, meeting clients – blog about it.
  • Events – birthdays, anniversaries, new staff, leaving staff, award ceremonies – blog about it (especially where pictures of cakes are involved).
  • Completed work – just launched a website or embroidered some great new polo shirts? Blog about it! It shows off your client base, and your services in one go!
  • Latest news in the industry – perhaps there’s a new legislation that affects your clients (who didn’t blog about GDPR!), by blogging about it you become helpful and informative, as well as showing that you’re up to date with the latest news.
  • Community efforts – almost every business I’ve come across do something to help the community, so brag about it! Shout out from the roof tops! It could be an event or award you’ve sponsored, perhaps someone in the team is part of a committee raising money, or even someone who is part of a choir who might be performing in the Eisteddfod every year (you’ll have seen our Tweets about this back in August!).

So there’s a few pointers as ideas for your blogging!