Did you notice the “downtime” across Facebook and Instagram the other day (it lasted just over 10 hours!)? It was a stark reminder to us as digital marketers not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Across the platforms (and others), brands were going crazy that they were unable to post, comment, engage with their customers in their usual manner. It got us thinking, how many of them solely relied on Facebook or Instagram as their only means of online marketing?

We always suggest that brands and businesses use a couple of social media platforms, usually a mix of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Depending on the type of business you may want to also utilise YouTube or selling platforms such as Etsy, but the important point is to ensure you are on more than one social media platform. Why? Well, each platform has a different audience, so it’s the same principle as making sure your eggs aren’t all in one basket. To reach the different audiences, you need to be spreading yourself a little on the social media platforms.

That’s not to say that we encourage you to spread yourself too thin. You’ll always find that one platform will work better for your business than others, but remember to ensure you spend some time on the other platforms you choose as well. Of course if one platform really doesn’t help your business and drains your time and energy, then remove your presence off there.

Top tip: don’t post the same content at the same time on the each platform. The likelihood is your audience checks Facebook and then Twitter (for example), and seeing the same content is boring. Switch it up, but feel free to cross-promote where else you are!